Sunday, October 23, 2011

Leather on Wedding

I attended a colleague's wedding yesterday.

This is the first time I had been "red-bombed".... and also the first time I went to a wedding without my family. Frankly speaking, it is very tiring. I have no idea why attending a wedding can be so tiring, considering that all we do is to talk, sit, eat and take photos. This time round, I was flanked by my colleagues and supervisor. I think this event had given us a chance to see each other, and know each other beyond the office environment. For example, I, a newbie, learnt how knows how to drink, saw ex-colleagues whom I had never met before, finally saw a real life husband-and-wife acting like one at the banquet. It feels better seeing the man watch after the woman whereas in the office, they were more of supervisor and co-workers.

And of course, I brough Mark Sein (my camera) to the event, and everyone who saw it just came to the conclusion that I like photography. As usual, I never answered their questions face on, and avoided answering most questions. When I heard them commenting "she likes photography", etc, I merely ignored them and continue doing my things. And I think they were surprised to find me dressed in leather. Oh well. *laughs*.
But my closer colleagues, my mentor and a senior, commented that I am still in black. My dress is white. FYI.

Outfit composed:
Leather boots, Jacket and Bag
Victorian Choker with locket
White creased dress
crystal hairband
Rose and Armour rings

We walked around Raffles City, which is where the wedding is held, after the wedding, and I love some of the stores. I only took picture of this though, for I had errands to run.

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