Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I had been splurging when I should not have.
Just thinking of all my March purchases was ready to get me into a "I am dead" mode. I even wanted to show it to everyone else, but it was not a really lazy affair, so I thought I should leave it be *laughs*. But I did not expect my splurging to continue to april... maybe I should have known.
I can expect my money to drop really really low, like never before before the month even reach it's last week. I feel bad. This is what happens when a poor low-salary man splurges. Let it be a memory for all.

In the mean time, let's look at what I have got today.

Get $50 worth of Clinelle products and you get a free gift. While I know that I will get a $30 worth mask, I didn't know that I wud get the mini samples you see in the front row as well. THat was the surprise. I tried their product, and I really like it. I don't like those blackhead gels that Ginvera and other brands had, but blore's peel-off pack don't really work for people like me, with persistent blackheads and white heads. So I am hoping that this would work. The product is gentle to the skin, and it's not those kind of rubbing gels. It feels wonderful too.

I didn't expect myself to be spending a lot on food, but it's been feeling that way since Monday. -..- My supervisor and friend had been bringing me, alternatively, to good places to eat. Mostly my supervisor.

This is the "Go Geisha" Salad, Wrap up version. The wraps from Salad Shop (or was it Stop?) is EXCELLENT. This is the tomato wrap skin that I am eating here. In the salad itself, there is soba noodles and tofu. Other than that, it's vegetables.

While I went with the given selection, my friend had chosen the given selection, and customised it, changing the tuna to salmon. It looked superb. I love the breadstick sticking out. Oh, and you can totally customise your own salads. When I showed my supervisor this photo, she was surprised that they serve meat too. She had thought they merely make veges, and so she didn't want to step in. But after my review, she placed it in the "to-try" list.

We went to catch the Rio movie today, and before that, it was lunch (or brunch) for me. I was so sorry I made my supervisor wait for like, 30 minutes (-..-), but I did woke up super late. We went to Lenza (i am not too sure the name itself, but it was a MOF place) at Bugis Junction (off the side of it). It had wonderful food, and we had gone there as attracted by the pictures. Let me tell you this - the food is as good as the picture looks. It's real. Ohhh, wonderful! We had the grilled tomatoes with spices in our salad, and other selections. I didn't know tomatoes could taste so nice, since I am one of those people who don't really like tomatoes, and avoid them as much as possible. But this one looked so nice that I attempted one. The mushroom soup was HOMEMADE with chicken in it. The Ice Lemon Tea was homemade as well. You had to pour the sugar syrup in it.

We had the set meal special, where you get the main dish and the salad and garlic bread and soup, but we were surprised that there was a nice and small vanilla ice-cream added to the deal too. It was small, the same size as the small cup of sugar syrup you see in between our ice teas, but I say, given the main dish, salad and soup we ate, the amount was JUST NICE. And the Vanilla Ice cream cleaned up our taste bud wonderfully after the meal.

After movie, and despite our huge lunch, we were hungry. So we went to TCC to have Tete-a-Tete treats, as we had originally planned. The waitress was WONDERFUL! *She should attend the can you serve program* She was gentle and warm and very nice. Really, she didn't do anything special, since we don't have any special needs and nothing troublesome cropped out. Still, when someone is nice and emit such warmth to normal occasion, you know that person is really a good serviceman. I had tea while my supervisor had coffee, and we shared the Tete-a-Tete treats. I am glad I chose Tea. The Tea cup and saucer totally attracted me.

Just to mention, the cookies were of different taste. One of it is the English Rose cookie *I knew it from taste because I had tried it before at the Cookie Museum at Esplanade*, while the other is of a more traditional taste. It's nice with the tea. :)
And I wanted to show the first treat we ate. The eggs in nest thing. The egg is candy (chocolate) while the nest is vietnamese noodles, fried. They taste wonderful on their own, without a need for sauce.
Have you guys been eating well?

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