Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moving things around

What have I been up to?

Moving things around, that is.

After a sleepover at my friend's rented room, I have suffered from an entire long day of work (from morning to night) while sneezing and blowing my nose the entire time. A panadol helped, but its effects were slow. Other than a one-day flu, I had forgotten my watch and water bottle but brought home an idea that I wanted to shift the things in my room. It feels great, to be moving things around in accordance to an order you wanted. It had been long overdue, I can tell you that.

Of course, it was hard. I had signed up for help, but ended up doing it without waiting for help. Well... an impatient person like me doesn't really wait for help. I thought I might shift two furnitures around (the small table and the bed), but it turns out to be more than that (the headboard and the big table had to be shifted as well in order to make room for the bed).

So, you can imagine me moving things around in the morning, right after I had woken up, and without even brushing my teeth and etc. (i know, i know! But I am that kind of person)... until Finally, I realised I don't have the energy to move things any more (specifically, the huge table that needed two person to move it). So brunch was in order, and we continued after a can of pepsi (popeye like~)

And I was so happy with the new room. I had a half more of the next day to move the little things and trinklets around to fit the new room, and then it was room-warming the day after. And hair-cutting. Yup, cutted my hair. Have no worries. My friends were all amazed with the speed of my hair-growing DNA.

My hair, before it was cut. This is not the entire outfit. I have yet to accessorise, but I like the way I done my hair. 5 braids, 3 big ones and 2 small ones. And it is not my room... I wun be able to stand this being my room, though the location is great for shooting.

THIS is my room.... in transit.....

Can you believe how amazingly messy it was? But of course, it is neat now.

As promised to a friend of mine, I took a photo of this wall before I covered it up with furniture.... painted by urs truly, but... it was a not a good job. Someday, I am gg to paint over it and do another mural. I no longer need these words.

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