Thursday, March 31, 2011

Emma Watson and Burberry

Well, she is no longer the face of Burberry, but Emma Watson is definitely enjoying the bond she had developed with Burberry. After I saw the photo of her in this Burberry Bespoke Leather and Canvas Trench, I had fallen in love with it.

I always love trench coats, but not all trench coats appeal to me. And this bespoke, gifted to Emma after it had been customised by Christopher Bailey, is definitely the King of Trench. Opps, I mean the Queen. And Emma does know how to dress up, and Burberry is definitely moving beyond their squares. I can't wait to see more new designs from them!

Other than that, have you guys bought a copy of UW this week? S.H.E.'s hats affair on the cover page is sooo getting into me! I love it! I made hats too, but these are just GREAT! It's just too bad I can't get a picture of it online

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