Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dorothy Perkins doing their little to help Japan

This piece of crude art is entitled "Hope for Japan". A little something I smashed up for this post. Everyone knows what happened to Japan, and many of us cursed the cruel comments and actions of those who were on the lines of "retribution" or "divine interception". But the time is not for cursing now. We need to help Japan. So, when I realised that I could not help Japan, I was quite upset. All I could do was to pick up the leftover papers around me (wrapping papers) and start folding paper cranes, to somehow signify that my thoughts were with them.

But that has changed. It changed when I stepped into Dorothy Perkins store, and saw not only the clothes but also that tin can that stated that Dorothy Perkins would be happy to accept donations for Japan. Now, I am not a fan of Dorothy Perkins. I like their pieces and I always felt that Dorothy Perkin's pieces were nice, but only when you mix them with garments from other brands. And besides, I have never been a fan of branded shopping. But, I must commend Dorothy for this little gesture.

We need to help Japan, and there is no time better than now to do so. If you find that sending money to red cross is a hassle, then just go down or pass by Dorothy Perkins and drop a bit of your change or even money for something you wanted to buy. I am going to sacrifice that money I wanted to buy for something I wanted, but it is worth it.

* UPDATE: 7-11 is doing it as well!

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