Sunday, March 6, 2011

On wedding and on cosplay [when the two shouldn't mix]

Maybe I shouldn't be posting this, but well, some of the content are rather interesting.

Have you considered what is it that humanity really pursued?
We all know that wants always fights a battle with needs, especially when Reality decides it wanted to play. But really, if all needs and wants follows one rule, and if they were all the same, what will happen? Probably Mars crashing on Venus.
In that case, we might as well scrap needs. Let's focus on wants.
What is it that you want?
A new bag?
New shoes (Lots of them)
The latest trends
A real life (whatever real is)
or maybe...
To listen to every single whims you have or ever had.

So while the gang of us were walking down the incredibleness of comifest, we were really laughing at the weirdness of it all. We were able to laugh because there was a clear dividing line in the entire event. While we were at the event, talking and chatting in front of one of the booths, a man came and interrupted us, asking us if we would move and not block the wedding dresses that were on display?

Ooooh, you didn't hear wrongly. A wedding dress. If you didn't went to the event but knew what it was about, you might not know that it is actually a mix between bridal fair and comic/anime event. It is weird, in a sense, but if you consider that there is nothing too weird in this world to be implemented, it is really, ok, normal.

So we were wondering, really, if one of those couples who sat down at the beautiful chairs of the bridal stalls, talking about wedding photos and etc, all the while being surrounded by cosplayers in their gaundy/weird/out of the world/beautiful/detailed/lavish costumes..... how do you feel?
What if (just what if) one of them spotted a costume so beautiful and that she liked so much, she said, oh, scrap that spring 2011 bridal dress! I want that one that girl is wearing.
Of course, she would have to find her own tailor to make the dress from scratch, like so many of the industrious cosplayers.

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