Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Black Face

My face was black from the Shiseido mask my RabuRabu and I bought at an online store. There were 10 of them, and we splitted them up, 5 each... I think. The only thing is that, I dun remember where I had tossed 2 of them. Oh well, I will find them. I found one as I was typing this.... which is weird enough.... But this just goes to show that I am an amazing squirrel.


About the Shiseido Mask (Black in colour, in case you wana know). Is an amazing mask, according to the sales provided by the online shop. I had wanted to get rid of blackheads on my nose, and a lot of whiteheads elsewhere too. So we thought we would buy it and try it out.... and it is amazing.. in a way that it seems to remove all the hairs on your face.

The mask is liquid-form (can probably be described as gooey or sticky), so you have to apply it onto your face carefully. Do not underestaminate the word "carefully". Other than that, allow yourself to interpret the word in any way you wish. I would suggest you actually use a brush to apply the mask, but... well, I am too lazy to do so, and I got my hands all blacky and gooey... and I even get them in places I din want them to. Hairs stick on them as I apply (which I had forgotten from my previous experience to tie back my hair), so ya, tie back your hair. Use hair band. Everything you need to prevent yourself from going bald. Shiseido Mask is very powerful. Remember that.

So, after applying (unevenly because I have no brush :P), I decided I needed a nap, and went to get one, where after I woke up, I felt my face so tightened it is unbelievable. I was considering to buy some of the face-tightening masks from Watsons in their current promotion, but I don't really think that is necessary now.... so when you feel that tightening, you know it is time to remove the mask... and starts the torture.

Can you even BELIEVE the pain it took to remove a black mask from your face?? It totally sticks to those hairs on your face, and .... ah, the pain. Well, a bunch of blackheads got stuck in it, and white ones too, so I am not really complaining... but the pain.

It is true that my face feels cleaner and better after the mask, but I think that might be a psychological effect. So ya... try it anytime you want. Just beware of the pain.

My daily-essential-glasses, which have nothing to do with the topic, but heck ya. I love my randomness.

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