Thursday, March 31, 2011

Emma Watson and Burberry

Well, she is no longer the face of Burberry, but Emma Watson is definitely enjoying the bond she had developed with Burberry. After I saw the photo of her in this Burberry Bespoke Leather and Canvas Trench, I had fallen in love with it.

I always love trench coats, but not all trench coats appeal to me. And this bespoke, gifted to Emma after it had been customised by Christopher Bailey, is definitely the King of Trench. Opps, I mean the Queen. And Emma does know how to dress up, and Burberry is definitely moving beyond their squares. I can't wait to see more new designs from them!

Other than that, have you guys bought a copy of UW this week? S.H.E.'s hats affair on the cover page is sooo getting into me! I love it! I made hats too, but these are just GREAT! It's just too bad I can't get a picture of it online

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dorothy Perkins doing their little to help Japan

This piece of crude art is entitled "Hope for Japan". A little something I smashed up for this post. Everyone knows what happened to Japan, and many of us cursed the cruel comments and actions of those who were on the lines of "retribution" or "divine interception". But the time is not for cursing now. We need to help Japan. So, when I realised that I could not help Japan, I was quite upset. All I could do was to pick up the leftover papers around me (wrapping papers) and start folding paper cranes, to somehow signify that my thoughts were with them.

But that has changed. It changed when I stepped into Dorothy Perkins store, and saw not only the clothes but also that tin can that stated that Dorothy Perkins would be happy to accept donations for Japan. Now, I am not a fan of Dorothy Perkins. I like their pieces and I always felt that Dorothy Perkin's pieces were nice, but only when you mix them with garments from other brands. And besides, I have never been a fan of branded shopping. But, I must commend Dorothy for this little gesture.

We need to help Japan, and there is no time better than now to do so. If you find that sending money to red cross is a hassle, then just go down or pass by Dorothy Perkins and drop a bit of your change or even money for something you wanted to buy. I am going to sacrifice that money I wanted to buy for something I wanted, but it is worth it.

* UPDATE: 7-11 is doing it as well!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moving things around

What have I been up to?

Moving things around, that is.

After a sleepover at my friend's rented room, I have suffered from an entire long day of work (from morning to night) while sneezing and blowing my nose the entire time. A panadol helped, but its effects were slow. Other than a one-day flu, I had forgotten my watch and water bottle but brought home an idea that I wanted to shift the things in my room. It feels great, to be moving things around in accordance to an order you wanted. It had been long overdue, I can tell you that.

Of course, it was hard. I had signed up for help, but ended up doing it without waiting for help. Well... an impatient person like me doesn't really wait for help. I thought I might shift two furnitures around (the small table and the bed), but it turns out to be more than that (the headboard and the big table had to be shifted as well in order to make room for the bed).

So, you can imagine me moving things around in the morning, right after I had woken up, and without even brushing my teeth and etc. (i know, i know! But I am that kind of person)... until Finally, I realised I don't have the energy to move things any more (specifically, the huge table that needed two person to move it). So brunch was in order, and we continued after a can of pepsi (popeye like~)

And I was so happy with the new room. I had a half more of the next day to move the little things and trinklets around to fit the new room, and then it was room-warming the day after. And hair-cutting. Yup, cutted my hair. Have no worries. My friends were all amazed with the speed of my hair-growing DNA.

My hair, before it was cut. This is not the entire outfit. I have yet to accessorise, but I like the way I done my hair. 5 braids, 3 big ones and 2 small ones. And it is not my room... I wun be able to stand this being my room, though the location is great for shooting.

THIS is my room.... in transit.....

Can you believe how amazingly messy it was? But of course, it is neat now.

As promised to a friend of mine, I took a photo of this wall before I covered it up with furniture.... painted by urs truly, but... it was a not a good job. Someday, I am gg to paint over it and do another mural. I no longer need these words.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

On wedding and on cosplay [when the two shouldn't mix]

Maybe I shouldn't be posting this, but well, some of the content are rather interesting.

Have you considered what is it that humanity really pursued?
We all know that wants always fights a battle with needs, especially when Reality decides it wanted to play. But really, if all needs and wants follows one rule, and if they were all the same, what will happen? Probably Mars crashing on Venus.
In that case, we might as well scrap needs. Let's focus on wants.
What is it that you want?
A new bag?
New shoes (Lots of them)
The latest trends
A real life (whatever real is)
or maybe...
To listen to every single whims you have or ever had.

So while the gang of us were walking down the incredibleness of comifest, we were really laughing at the weirdness of it all. We were able to laugh because there was a clear dividing line in the entire event. While we were at the event, talking and chatting in front of one of the booths, a man came and interrupted us, asking us if we would move and not block the wedding dresses that were on display?

Ooooh, you didn't hear wrongly. A wedding dress. If you didn't went to the event but knew what it was about, you might not know that it is actually a mix between bridal fair and comic/anime event. It is weird, in a sense, but if you consider that there is nothing too weird in this world to be implemented, it is really, ok, normal.

So we were wondering, really, if one of those couples who sat down at the beautiful chairs of the bridal stalls, talking about wedding photos and etc, all the while being surrounded by cosplayers in their gaundy/weird/out of the world/beautiful/detailed/lavish costumes..... how do you feel?
What if (just what if) one of them spotted a costume so beautiful and that she liked so much, she said, oh, scrap that spring 2011 bridal dress! I want that one that girl is wearing.
Of course, she would have to find her own tailor to make the dress from scratch, like so many of the industrious cosplayers.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nails with a broken attitude

We didn't know there were these kind of things, without a medicure by some clever professionals. But they did exist.

Call them cracked effect nail polish, or crackle nail polish, whatever. They are just too cool. All you need to do is to apply the colour you wanted for the base (rmb your base coat, of course - I always forget because I love to), and then this cracked effect nail polish. The result is instant (thought you HAVE to wait for the polish to dry), and what that came out was a set of beautifully "medicured" cracked nails. Its random, and it is totally cool.

To top it off, they even have different colours. You don't need to get stuck with grey, you can enjoy the mysterious black, the loyal blue, or the superior purple. If your seller have them, that is. Many brands have come up with variations, so you might want to check out the market for the effects and the prices. E-bay is a good place to start *grins*

Here is another photo for your viewing (a how-to):

I love these. Like, totally.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Black Face

My face was black from the Shiseido mask my RabuRabu and I bought at an online store. There were 10 of them, and we splitted them up, 5 each... I think. The only thing is that, I dun remember where I had tossed 2 of them. Oh well, I will find them. I found one as I was typing this.... which is weird enough.... But this just goes to show that I am an amazing squirrel.


About the Shiseido Mask (Black in colour, in case you wana know). Is an amazing mask, according to the sales provided by the online shop. I had wanted to get rid of blackheads on my nose, and a lot of whiteheads elsewhere too. So we thought we would buy it and try it out.... and it is amazing.. in a way that it seems to remove all the hairs on your face.

The mask is liquid-form (can probably be described as gooey or sticky), so you have to apply it onto your face carefully. Do not underestaminate the word "carefully". Other than that, allow yourself to interpret the word in any way you wish. I would suggest you actually use a brush to apply the mask, but... well, I am too lazy to do so, and I got my hands all blacky and gooey... and I even get them in places I din want them to. Hairs stick on them as I apply (which I had forgotten from my previous experience to tie back my hair), so ya, tie back your hair. Use hair band. Everything you need to prevent yourself from going bald. Shiseido Mask is very powerful. Remember that.

So, after applying (unevenly because I have no brush :P), I decided I needed a nap, and went to get one, where after I woke up, I felt my face so tightened it is unbelievable. I was considering to buy some of the face-tightening masks from Watsons in their current promotion, but I don't really think that is necessary now.... so when you feel that tightening, you know it is time to remove the mask... and starts the torture.

Can you even BELIEVE the pain it took to remove a black mask from your face?? It totally sticks to those hairs on your face, and .... ah, the pain. Well, a bunch of blackheads got stuck in it, and white ones too, so I am not really complaining... but the pain.

It is true that my face feels cleaner and better after the mask, but I think that might be a psychological effect. So ya... try it anytime you want. Just beware of the pain.

My daily-essential-glasses, which have nothing to do with the topic, but heck ya. I love my randomness.