Friday, February 25, 2011

I feel guilty

I have not been posting much, even though I have such a wonderful blog, left to me by dearest SuAnn. I like to think of it that way, you know? And I do think that blogging is cool.

I have been complacent, but sometimes, I think it is ok.

How is everyone?

I am getting myself rested. I have not rested for a long time, and things have been shooting in the wrong direction. Therefore, rest is commanded, and for once, I am not gg to ignore the things that I wanted to do, and needed to do. I am going to sleep and rest well, and I am going to be early for work (again after so long!)

I will not be doing that many pictures, since I have no time for them, but when I do, I shall hope to share them asap. :P

People, how had the new year been so far?
It is going to get better, so long as we work hard towards it.

About a week  ago, I saw a young lady in the station, and she was so well dressed that I was trying to admire her without seeming rude. You know how that feels, when you wanted to admire someone for dressing up so prettily, but was afraid that it wud be rude? Well, I mean, it is not as if that someone is a model or a celebrity with her picture slammed in front of the magazine.... and people do feel weird when others stare too much.

BUt I shall try to describe what she wore. Everything was in place and in theme.

She wore a boyfriend's shirt (classic white) with only one or two buttons at the bottom buttoned, and something white underneath. A blue jeans, 3/4 and folded up neatly to reveal beautiful checkered socks and stylish sneakers-shoes. Her bag was one of the those big rectangle sling bags that you find people wearing a few seasons before, white with blue words.

See? Past season things can be useful. Dun cast your old bags away!

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