Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tea after work

Sometime ago (a really some time ago), I decided we should try to break into the couple tees' world. So we bought some plain black tees and I set to work on painting them. To ensure that the colour stays, I ironed them after that and proceed to wash them.

After that, I showed them to SuAnn, who did not seem to like them a lot. And I wonder if we could sell them. I don't even know how to market them! Still, because I had done it, we might as well showcase it.... not that it is much of a showcase. Here are the pictures I had worked on this morning.

the female version

the male version

And I could not resist having tea after the photoshoot.... well, technically, I am having tea WHILE taking pictures. Because I did not consume anything at all before arranging the setting for the photos, this is my breakfast, in fact. And it is a much-needed breakfast. I have no idea why having tea is always in-syned with being me... of course, having tea with clothes hanging around is something from the scene of Howl's moving castle, but I have been tea-deprived recently. And this is caramel tea given to me by my friend... the one and only packet I have in my possession. So that means I have to drink it no matter what. But I do not like it a lot... =..=\\\

Oh well... how shall we sell this set of couple tee? ? ? ? ?

I have no idea....


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