Tuesday, October 5, 2010

oh my helathy lifestyle!

Okay it was just a week ago that I wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle. And I failed miserably.

Day1 (thurs): okay no food containing nitrates. Slept at 12am sharp! Good job!

Day 2 (fri): went out with friends till late at night(4+am) cuz we wanted to chillax since it is the end of a busy week for us. The beginning of a failed attempt…

Day 3 (Sat): woke up in the afternoon to find out that its already past 2pm. And I didn’t hear my alarm at all. Im getting more amazed by myself. Cuz I was so lazy to cook a quick lunch for myself, I decided to go for the convenient way out- microwave hotdogs and processed food. Still, it was not that filling enough hence I decided to open my packets of chips.

Day 4 (Sun): woke up late in the afternoon again. Well, went out with my friends and ate buffet at seoul gardens. We spent ard 5 hours inside there so you can imagine the amount of food that we actually stuffed into out small stomach. And its definitely not good for out body!! Ohwell, we have to maximize the sum the money that we pay to them right.

Went home at 2+am. Sleep late AGAIN.

Day 5( Mon): late for school! Hence have to fix a quick breakfast for myself and ofcourse the best choice – hotdogs. Lol talk abt hotdog being the num 1 liver damaging food but why is it so irresitable?!?!

Alright. If you happen to read this, please do not follow my example! We must be healthy or we will bear the consequences of all these when we get older and you wouldn’t want that!


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