Friday, October 8, 2010

My first and last respects

I am sure that every Singaporean knows about the passing away of Mrs. Lee. Well, maybe not everyone. Babies should not know. At the call of my friend, we went to the funeral at the Istana "to pay our last respects" to Mrs. Lee as my friend had put it. It was the last day of the funeral that we went, but there are still so many people. It was also my first visit to Istana. It is a beautiful place, and the atmosphere was just right to send someone off. Yes, a beautiful place to send someone off on the last time.

When I say about Mrs. Lee, I actually do not know her at all. All I know is that she is the wife of Mr. Lee and mother of Mr. Lee, and that is all. So I have no idea what to think at all. I did not plan to see the funeral. I only went because I thought I wanted to see it at my friend's invite. So this is in fact, not only my last, but also my first respects to her.

While I was waiting for my friend, I saw an article in the newspaper about how it is our loss with her death. People may not think it the same way as I do, but I do not think it is a loss. I think that with a person's life comes a great deal of journey and time to waste away, in which we shall do the things we desire to do. Be it great accomplishments or little things, these are the things we do. After that, we pass on, and people move on. From there on, we can and should rely on the next generation to bring things to another step of the ladder. Because the job of the previous generation is complete, just like those of the generations before this. If this world will only be ok with a bunch of intelligent people who are willing to work their hearts and souls out for others, then we are really pathetic. No, I would rather believe that the next generation is capable of great things as well.

So, do not say it is a lost. Let's say, "thank you for being with us; you are a treasure." Yes, rather than a lost, I would rather think of her existance as a treasure, even after her passing on. Because what is gone will never come back, but what those who had gone leaves with us will forever be treasured within our hearts, no matter what.


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