Sunday, October 24, 2010

DIY Tee [domo-Kun]

As a gift for my friend who loves Domo-kun, I decided to do a Domo-kun Tee-shirt for her.

I am running out of black fabric paint, but I thought it would be fine if it is just simple lines and etc. I had wanted to write words on it too, but at the end of the work, it all ended without enough paint for words.... hahaha =..=

Anyway, it is not a very good work since I did not plan the design with chalk beforehand. I just plug straight into painting with the paint as usual. Here is how it looks on the ironing board.

I am too lazy to take other photos other than when it is lying on some surface, so we end up with this photo :P Domo-kun is pretty easy to draw ne~ When I make a DIY tee for myself, I wonder what I shall draw... I was thinking of Totoro-chan.

By the way, the Haze had been disasterous for us all, but it is over now. I hope everyone survives the haze well.


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