Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010

A few days ago, I received an email stating that the topic for this year's Blog Action Day had been set. The votes had been counted, and the topic is something that appeared in most people's vote for this year. In other words, this year's Blog Action Day's topic is a topic that is high on everyone's mind.

By now, you should be wondering what is Blog Action Day. Blog Action Day is bascially a day where the bloggers in the world had encouraged to blog about a single topic in their blogs to create awareness. The thought is simple: Get people talking, and that will in turn get people thinking. Hopefully, these thoughts encourage real time action, and bit by bit, hand by hand, we try to create a better future for our friends, families, fellow humans and descendents.

The topic is set beforehand, and bloggers have to register their blog as well. It is something I took part in personally every year for a few years already. I remembered writing blog entries about various environmental issues, including the hot topic of greenhouse effect. Yes, Global Warming. After my first year of participation, I am glad to be invited to vote for the next year's topic, and etc and etc. Even though I have no idea if this blog will be participating in Blog Action Day, I am sure that I will continue to participate in Blog Action Day personally.

This year's topic is Water. If anyone is interested, please register your blog and jot down the date October 15th in your calendar, because that is the date for Blog Action Day. I am very excited about it, and I had already prepared a post for the day itself.

The link is here:

For those who shall participate in the day, LoggerHeads is with you ^______^ Let us create a better future for everyone to live in!


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