Sunday, September 26, 2010

London Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2011

Spring/Summer is here soon, and so, it is a whole new London Fashion week to look foward to! I was just browsing through the net when I found some nice photos of the designers who took part in the London Fashion Week this season.

As I browse through, I realised there were a couple of designers who went back to the sixties, using the vintage styles of that fashion period (and I must say, it is by far the best fashion period ever, though I wouldn't go back in time) and remodelling them into better styles. Still, as I am not a fan of the sixties (though I still admire their courage for fashion), it took me a while before I finally managed to find the designs I like, unhindered by the sixties.

The first collection that caught my eye was Peter Pilotto's 2011 Spring/Summer collection.
This piece made use of rather pastel colours to create a feeling of "water" and at peace. It is a very calm piece of work, and I like it a lot. Just look at the folds and the cutting. Now, if only I have the height to pull it off, and the money to purchase it off the catwalk. Well, because I do not have enough money, let's just stick to talking about this piece. Somehow, it reminds me of the medieval times, where warriors gathers in armies. Perhaps it is the brown materials and the gold belt, but surely the blue outer layer resembles a cape.

This totally resembles a white flower. I have no idea yet which flower it made me think of. That must be because I am not educated enough in that area.

This design is the same for the top with the previous one, but I love this much more than the other piece. It's a totally "I WANTTTTT!!!" piece that screams to be loved.

The last of the collection that caught my eye. This is a very good combination, I felt.
The second designer that caught my eye: Basso and Brooke. I noticed that they used very interesting and complex prints in their cloth as part of the design, and then followed it up with good and simple folds and designs that are just so attractive.

I personally like the second piece best, especially the end of the sleeve. that little detail is very beautiful and made me give "puffy sleeves" a whole new opinion. But I wonder how it looks when the model is standing still and facing the camera straight on, and we can see the dress with BOTH sleeves.
The last designer with pieces that I like is the Vivienne Westwood 2011 Spring/Summer collection. You shall see why soon.

A feature of this collection is the hats. Such beautiful hats! But the clothes are interesting as well.

And not to mention this particular pair of boots made me want to root for it, though it was not my style at all:
I wonder why.

Now, for the random pieces that I like:

By Matthew Williamson, this piece is breezy enough. Maxi-dresses were a huge thing sometime ago, remember? Well, this piece could have rivaled them! It just says "Buy me" in the most eloquent language.
Nice one, Felder.Felder! I like the combination!

These two pieces were by Paul Smith. I guess you can take one look at it and guess how the other pieces look like. While they still had some "sixties" feel lingering in them, it was not overbearing.

Did you enjoy the pictures? This is the first time I am doing this. I hope you guys like it ^______^


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