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K-Lifestyle - The flamboyant Male style

Because SuAnn did a wonderful post about Koo Hye Sun's style, I decided to do one on Korean males to match with hers. During gatherings over the years (I feel old), I have noticed the males around me giving increasing attention to their attires. They changed from mere tees-and-bermudas to the more formal business tops with jeans. This combination gave a very clean impression and I thought I like it a lot. But dressing everyday in formal-top-and-jeans combination can get a little boring, so why not let's take a look at the males in the other countries and see what they do to prevent their gear-up from getting boring.

For this post, I have decided to use Jang Geun Suk's image as Hwang Tae Kyung in "He's beautiful". Our image of Korean males are mostly composed of the word "stylish".

The first male on the left is Hwang Tae Kyung, acted by Jang Geun Suk.

When I look at a stylish Korean male, and I compare it with the other males from the other countries, I think the word "flamboyant" definitely came out. While Korean males made use of their lean and smaller 'size' in their styles as much as the Japanese males do, I think Korean males have this daring component in the way they dress and accessorize themselves. When I look at Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung in He's beautiful, I am constantly reminded of how lean he is.

So now, let's take a look at the way Mr. Hwang Tae Kyung dresses in the drama.

The first thing I noticed is the U/V neck tops that he is constantly spotted wearing in the scenes. These kind of tops shows a bit of the chest, depending on the depth of the cut. To be able to pull off these tops, one need to make sure there is no chest-hair, which would have given a negative impression. I think there was a time where chest-hair was proudly displayed by males and is said to be "manly". But to tell you the truth, I never liked it. Just like female's arm-pit hairs are disgusting, so are the chest-hairs.

Another point of his U/V neck tops is that he had a lot of them... Not all are in the same styles, but they mostly focus on creating more lines onto the otherwise boring top. So far, there is only one red slightly off-shoulder top that he wore that did not do the same. But that piece, on its own is already very stylish and beautiful. Creating more lines would be slightly over.

They were also give an impression of being feminine. But I think, with a good body, the guys could pull it off well as well. I am quite impressed really, for him to wear these tops. It is very stylish, and he managed to pull it off just right.

Because he is always wearing these tops, naturally, there is a need to have a sort of "variety" in them. So I noticed these tops with round-scarfs attached to them. It reminded me of a dress I had which also had this feature. As usual, he had a quite a few pieces in different neutral colours.
The pieces look great on their own, but you can also match them with something else! That is what I like about versatile clothes. On their own, they can look good, but paring them up with other clothings/accessories can create another look.
Jackets for one, sure look nice with these tops!
And you can even use them as hoods! No kidding, I have tried to use mine. It work well, if the general style is ok for a hood.
Of course, he wears proper business attires as well... but with a variety. I like the original black and white combination, but these 'fun' attires give a different impression. Let's talk about the one on the left. The blazer had a neck detailed that really males me wonder if it is another jacket that was used. Together with the maroonish blazer, I think it looks fun. And hidding away is the black top - without a collar. I prefer to wear collars, so when these kind of tops came into the market, I did not particularly like it. But, when you wear it and match it properly, it can give a different impression as compared to the boring collars. So I ended up liking the one I had. With this top, the attention is given to the neck area, where the interesting blazer collar is.
The other piece that I like is the one on the right. I guess I don't really need to say why. But if I must say, it is the style and the colours. The style is simple, clean and easy on the eyes. There are not much details to look at, but the attention is given to the colours, which successfully injects a very refreshing and fun feel to the top.

A low-cut tanktop and jacket combination works well too. I like the fact that he added detail by having the ribbon on his neck - that is something a girl would do, but guys can do it too! Details are fun and can enrich an image well. So don't be afraid to layer and accessorise just because you are a male.

Someone actually made a picture with his styles... and that person got it right. It was well done! Anyway, because I did not capture everything I thought I should show this so that you guys know what he wears generally. There are stage performaces costumes, photoshoot costumes and also casual ones.

Now, to move onto recreating his look, I had went to online stores and found a few photos that I feel works:

First off is the low cuts. This particular one is extremely low, but I like the detail at the bottom with the buttons.

Next, the circle scarves. You can purchase those already attached onto the top, but circular scarves on their own are also great investments. Futhermore, they have details. (P.S. I don't know what happened to the legs... maybe the model is too thin!

If you don't particularly like low-cuts, you can opt for a more conservative top with circle scarf attached as well. 

Oh, and both Shin Woo (2nd from the right in the very first picture of this post) and Tae Kyung wore this kind of ripped top. Theirs were translucent and white, worn with a tanktop inside.

And finally, for the more formal look, something like this:

This marks the end of this post. As a bonus, I shall share photos of the female lead when she was pretending to be male. I like the entire image (the white coloured one), so I decided to show it as well.

 The front. It is the entire view of the attire she wore. the details at the shoulders is nice, and a black faded jeans helped pull off the top, which is the focus.

Close up view. Here is how I see that it is a chiffon-like material of the outer layer, and an angel wings necklace that she is wearing. I like the way the material help style the top, and the "easy breezy" feel of the top. It really matched well with the setting.

The back. You can see that it is a hood-top here.

Here ends my super long post. Thanks for reading, and I hope the boys in Singapore do take more notice of the different types of clothes that they could have worn too :)


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