Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do things the right way

It is about time.

I read an article about why so many people who had attempted to lose weight had failures. In actual fact, we do not need these people or articles to tell us why we have been unsuccessful in losing weight. Everyone knew:

There is no fast way to do it.
We have to make sure that our efforts span over time with consistency.
We have to Do it the RIGHT WAY.

What is the right way?
The right way is the tough way, the tedious way, the troublesome way that turns us all off.
Yes, it is.

I myself do not attempt to lose weight, but I could do with a better and healthier body. So taking a leaf out of the article is something that shall be useful to me.

First, the article talked about why exercises fail.
It failed because we did not do it the right way.
According to the article, 20 mins of jogging burns off 200 calories. Now, how many minutes of exercise do you do? I for one know that I do lesser than that every month, and SuAnn does probably more than that. Most people who talked about exercising probably do it for half an hour only. Let's admit it. Those of us who attempted to jog knew how hard it is to continue jogging. So the moment in which we feel that we have enough sweat on our body, we stopped.

From what I know, after that, there are people who went down to the nearby coffee shop/hawker centre to have some of the best cha kuey teow or carrot cake. XP

Now, if you minus out the amount of minutes and its equivalent of calories and then add in the amount of calory input, then.... it is not worth it, right?

Next, the article talked about how diets fail.
Diets. Now, there are even more to talk about why they actually fail, but if you want to summarise it, then it suffices to say that we did not do it the right way.
Our body needs a combi of 50% cabohydrates, 25%  of good proteins and 25% good fats. This is the success factor that allows our body to be efficient and effective.
So when we have some sort of diet, we have high carbo low fats, high protein low carbos, and etc, we are not following the 50-25-25 formula to nutrient our body the right way. Without the right PROPORTION of nutrients, the body is unable to be healthy and defense against diseases drop.

Another easy solution to weight loss should be pills and other medications... but we should already know that they fail. After all, they come and go in the market even faster than fashion changes. In reality, pills and medications are bascally the entire formula of "not doing things right".
According to the article, "A drug cannot single-handedly treat obesity because the root cause is personal complacency, poor discipline, errors in information and a faulty lifestyle."
So what are we left with?
Doing things right.
"Find a plan that works, and work the plan", otherwise it is an exercise of planning to fail.
If like LoggerHeads, you are someone who does not care for calculations of how healthy of unhealthy your body is, maybe there is another way of doing things. Being conscious. Be conscious of what you eat and what you do not drink and how much you move.
  • Eat a variety of food, so you cover a lot of range (easy huh?).
  • Drink lots of water so you know your body is not dehydrated (good for your skin too!)
  • And exercise regularly.
How regularly is regular? We all know exercising is hard.
So how should we make it easier? This is how I do it.
  1. Ask old friends/friends you have not met/friends you are comfortable with/just anyone on your contact list out for a badminton, basketball, netball or even football match.
  2. Sign yourself up for classes so that you know you will be sure to attend them (or lose that money you spend on them!)
  3. Be a part of some CCA if you are still schooling that allows you to exercise.
  4. If all else fail, just turn on the music and turn ur living room into the dance floor for 2 hours!
Yes, I went for option 4. Thank you.

Because it is hard to ask friends out since I am no longer schooling, so both options 1 and 3 are out.
I am too lazy to even sign up for classes, so option 2 is out.
But! I DO have access to GOOD MUSIC, and the point of exercising is to move your body!


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