Sunday, August 15, 2010

RE: Bad Encounter

After reading SuAnn's last post, I thought we could all give SuAnn a Hug. No one wanted to lose something, and the anxiety that accompanies the lost-and-found episode is something to truly be beheld. I am sure all of us had lost something before. I am one such person, who CONSTANTLY loses my phone, and I can say that my favourite phone was lost forever in that manner.

Personally, SuAnn had informed me of this incident, and I had been so angry that I had wanted to lodge a complain with the cab company. But like SuAnn said, let bygones be bygones. We all know that bad things happen all the time - we both keep experiencing bad things. It must be the same for the rest of the world as well. So there is no time, seriously, to dwell on each and every one of them.

I just read this article of dear Sarah, whose mother had "abandoned" her with a relative who is only 18 years old and had to support herself (she quitted school early and was disowned because of it). So now, this 18 years old relative had no idea how to feed both of them, while Sarah may not be able to go to school due to a lack of legal guardian.

I say, let's give our prayers (for those of us who are religious) and well wishes (for the rest of us who are not) to dear Sarah and many other people out there in the world. I had seen too many articles about poeple who were tortured and punished in ways that they should not be, all because they were unfortunate enough to be in some situations or have some ideas on their own.

For now, let's just forget all our bad encounters and give each other a Hug, even a forced one, just like this two children.

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