Friday, August 6, 2010

LoggerHeads with SuAnn

I think we should introduce ourselves all over again!

Welcome to LoggerHeads with SuAnn!

We are SuAnn and LoggerHeads!
We are a couple of entrepreuners who tried to make it a SUCCESS in the online business world. Yes, we have a motive! But... it seems to be easier to spell "Failure" instead. Nevermind! We shall be successful - one day.

Let's start from a "3rd person" point of view:
SuAnn and LoggerHeads met each other in their workplace, where they both realised their needs/desires that is all mashed up into something called a "business venture". From there, they decided to call themselves "business partner". On the first day, they sat down in the middle of a shopping mall and started to discuss about opening an online stores and all its advantages. The disadvantages were mentioned as well, but neither SuAnn nor LoggerHeads paid much attention to it. They were so certain about their success, their minds in-syned with the about-a-thousand other blogshop owners in the world. Oh yes, they set up a blogshop.
That is the main point.

WELL THEN! Since I've already touched on the main point, Let's just leave it as it is for now.

-Cheers!, LoggerHeads.

P.S. SuAnn... why don't you continue the story?

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