Monday, August 16, 2010

i wish...

i wish i could sleep in today.

apparently no cuz today is the start of a new week and i gotta get up earlier than usual to read up on some articles before i even proceed to my place of study. and so here i am in the middle of my break of just 15mins muching on a chicken pie and updating loggerheads before i hurried off to meet my consultant.

i wish i could discipline myself for many things.

such as maybe exercising more? and eating less? but it seems to so be impossible because i just cant eat any lesser. blame me for the "black hole" in my stomach that makes food disappear so fast and keeps getting me hungry. maybe i should really start to discipline myself. or anyone have any idea of exercising without getting too tired?

i wish i could spend less money

haha! i know this is something that me, you and practically almost all the girls are facing with-spending way too much money. i am so shocked that i could easily spend up to $160 a week just on transport, hanging out with friends and food!?!?!? transportation fees nevertheless remain my number one money waster. is it my problem or is it that Singapore is facing inflation now that all the items are so ex!


1 comment:

  1. Dear SuAnn,

    live with it. Many years ago, when the charities were still on TV, my mother exclaimed, "omg! the taxes are rising, flour prices are rising, oil prices are rising, and now, even the charity donation amount is rising!"

    -Regards, LoggerHeads.