Monday, August 16, 2010

Fashion or Fad-sion?

During the last weekend, while my sister was preparing to leave the house, I noticed her attire. What that had captured my attention was the translucent top that she wore over the spaghetti-top. This translucent outer top had reminded me of the black translucent top that stores all over Singapore suddenly started selling. Yet, somehow, though it had looked nice, I do not see anyone wearing them. Perhaps someone did buy them and someone did wear them... it is impossible for me to see everyone of the millions of people walking around Singapore every single second. Yet, it is for sure that the translucent-outer-top did not make it into the local fashion scene. Why?

I thought back to the time when I saw these tops and why I had not wanted to buy them. I came up with these reasons:

  1. While the black tops look nice, they were generally sold at a high price that forced my hands back into my own pockets, where it stayed for the rest of the browsing-through. While I am sure that quality affects the price, I am also sure that I am unwilling to pay for such a sheer top with the price in which it called for. Oh, I am very very sure of the quality though... as sure as the eye can tell. Generally though, I am sure that people loves a good bargain. I am informed that this white translucent top costed around $10 with an accompanying white inner piece.

  2. Many people are opening their own blogshops to sell instocks or conduct pre-orders from overseas, and that includes LoggerHeads with SuAnn. This shows a ready supply rate of overseas clothes, which means there must be a demand. This shows that local shoppers love diversity in their purchases. When the black translucent top had came into the scene, I had looked around for pieces that were different in design, but unfortunately, there were close to none. I don't even remembering seeing anything that were rather different from the first black translucent top that caught my eye. If I were to buy this piece, I am afraid that I may clash clothes with someone.

  3. Frankly speaking, the black translucent top was a rather hard piece to pull off. Furthermore, I did not like the way the short piece had ended on the mannequin's body.
While I do not like this particular design, I personally feel that this is a very good replacement for the black translucent top that was featured in this post. It had a ribborn at the top, and small pokka-dots all over the piece. It kind of reminds me of vintage with a modern feel to it. Without the shortness as well as the weird cutting of the black translucent piece, this longer white one is easier to match with other clothes. Furthermore, it is sweet but not too sweet, and the price is very reasonable.

As a request of my sister, I uploaded this before and after photo.

Anyone who would like to purchase this piece? Or if you have purchase this piece, share with LoggerHeads and SuAnn how you had managed to pull it off nicely! :)


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