Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fashion Clash, Like a true blogshop's Blog

Have you ever considered about clashing with someone when you purchase a piece of dress or other apparel? The latest fashion clash that I had heard of is Patty Hou wearing the same dress as Lin C hiLing. What appeared to be embarrassing is that Patty Hou had wore the dress after Lin Chiling, at a time in which the dress is considered as out-dated.

Well, wearing clothes that are not in the latest fashion is not a very uncommon thing. In fact, when I buy my apparrels, I tried to make sure that they are able to last through many seasons, so that I do not have to waste the money for more clothes when a season is over. But when it comes to something like a dress, it is something very tricky. A dress is hard to mix-and-match to create a look that is completely different. Most people would not even bother to mix-and-match to create a different look. To top it off, girls like dresses.

There is nothing to dislike about dresses, anyway. It is very convenient and eliminates the mix-and-match process that would involve the normal top-and-bottom combination. There are girls who wear them simply because of that. It is also very light and breezy. It can increase the femine looks of a female and shape the body of the wearer. Now, other than each individual's wearing opinions and dress sense, there is no other reason to dislike dresses.
Picture from Photobucket.

But the one thing about dress is that, if you do not try to make yourself look different from what the mannequinn looks when wearing the dress, then you are most likely going to clash with someone else. This is made worse if you are a celebrity. Yes, clashing is a very very upsetting affair. In the movie "Freaky Friday", Lindsey Lohan's character even wore her top inside-out when she realised that her top clashed with another. So, it is definitely important to NEVER clash with someone else! Because then, you lose your individuality that is so important in Fashion.

Now, when you think about blog, blogskin is very much like outfits. Blogskins are very important in creating a look that may become unique to a blog. Therefore, when I saw that there is a blogshop with the same blogskin as Loggerheads with SuAnn, I went to change the background immediately. Yes. It seemed I had delayed it for too long.

That was what I wanted to say. That last paragraph.


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