Sunday, August 15, 2010

bad encounter

It was supposed to be a joyful ride home with the taxi uncle after a party but it turns out to be a nightmare when i accidentally left my handphone in his taxi. such a bad encounter. i called up my number and luckily he picked up the call but his tone was not the same happy type previously when we chatted in his cab. he told me that he could only return my hp after he has sent his customers back and i agreed with him(knowing that it is my fault) and i even offered to go to the place where he will last be but he refused saying that he will come to my place instead.

cut the long story short, he tried to "cheat" me of my money and when i refused to pay him the amount he said, he scolded me. seriously, the amount that i gave him is ALREADY more than what he deserves and he still ask for more. and it is not as if i tell him to come to my place cuz i initially offered to go to where he is! arghh.

i have to learn to forgive and forget abt this incident.


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