Monday, August 9, 2010

RE: LoggerHeads with SuAnn

alright loggerheads, i shall continue with the story of our first business venture together.

to be honest, i thought that online shops would be an easy way to earn some extra cash and it would surely be a success. and i believe that im not the only one who thinks this way because if you would to ask around, they would surely nod their heads and say 'why not'. moreover, i have always wished to set up a business on my own next time and i thought to myself " hey, this online venture can be a stepping stone for my business in future!" hence without much consideration(thats for me but i think loggerheads did consider alot of things. haha), SEWINGPHOBIA was born!

the road to creating sewingphobia i could say was quite tiring but i do enjoy the multiple times that we sat down, brainstormed, discussed and planned for our little business together. well, there are times when we argued but there are also good memories that would always stay in my heart.

now your turn, loggerheads!


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