Sunday, May 9, 2010

OUTFIT - In Da Club

As you probably know already, SewingPHOBIA started because of we want to shop. And because of that, We really really thank you guys for shopping with us all these time. I love the clothes, so we wanted to share them with you.... that is, how we wear the clothes we do buy from our store. We will be sharing photos of clothes worn by our friends (who kindly agreed to help us) as well as our models and ourselves.

The weather had been really really hot and humid now, and many people are spotted in shorts. But I do see a number of jeans around. Are these the only options we girls have? NO.

If you think that the weather is too hot for long pants, and you are tired of shorts/dresses/skirts, there are always other alternatives. For instance, do you remember the glory days of Meteor Garden, where the female lead played by Barbie Hsu could be seen in 3/4 jeans? That brought about a huge wave for 3/4 pants, and everyone seems to be wearing them. But now that everyone is dreaming of the korean F4, our 3/4 jean pants are probably hidden in the depths of our wardrobe.

Well, summer is here and the weather is hot like hell. If you do not wish to opt for dresses or skirts and are too tired of wearing shorts, perhaps it is time to take out those 3/4 pants and don them now~

Alternatively, you can try the tights, if your blouse is long enough. Be warned, however, that tights are NOT replacements for your bottoms. They are NOT pants, and should not be worn as pants.

For shoes, you can try platform scandals, as opposed to flipflops. I love the way the straps worked around the legs and it really looked beautiful and femine. The choker is a D.I.Y. piece done using the same top. If you noticed, there was a leather strap on the original blouse. That was removed and made into a choker.

TOP: AD213 from pre-order 5 (instocks available)
CHOKER: leather strap from the same piece.

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