Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lotions and Creams and the Uglist face ever.

What are the most problematic issue amongst the many troubles a woman has?

I think FACE is the answer. It is the cover of the book in which a reader may choose to pick up or leave back on the shelves.
So I tried to do a bit more for my disastorious face. Well, I must say that I forgot things here and there, and got too lazy to do things, but sometimes, you just have to work hard enough to get your bottom off the ground and raise your hands towards the shelves.
FOr fellow moaners who joined me in my frenzy of "why do I have to apply so many creams and lotions on my face???", JOIN ME~ Let's cheer each other up...

I have a little something for myself, actually.... With my meager artistic skills, I guess, there is only something I need to do for myself, and that is to draw the uglist picture I could ever manage.
So that it would stick itself in my mind and remind myself that I need to put on those table-full of lotions and creams.
It really is very ugly.

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