Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gossip Girl's HOT look

Those who were up and front with the fashion world were probably aware about this already, but I still would like to share with you guys about this news and my own personal take on it. It is not the SewingPHOBIA's take on it, so my dear mates who share SewingPHOBIA, please do not kill me.... for whatever reasons that may prop up.

I am not a very up and coming person when it comes down to the Hollywood news, fashions and looks, so you must know that I have no watched Gossip Girl before, and I have no idea who is Taylor Momsen.

But when I saw her look on the newspaper, I was interested. I thought she is a pretty good dresser, and she does pay attention to details. Her good skin is also a great help in her gear-up. I did read that there are people who thought that her looks are too "consistent" and without creativity after a while. To that, I felt that fashion is not really about changing. It is really about dressing up as yourself and how you like to look, and how comfortable you are in the look and attire.

So, in that sense, I don't really think she is a boring dresser. I do think that she is a fashionable person. So when NewLook had a GossipGirl look and promotion, I was pretty excited. Despite being the new girl in town (well, it is pretty much still NEW, if you compare it to ZARA and MNG, who had been around in SG for ages), NewLook had been fast on catching attention in the fashion world in SG. But I had not been very interested in their products due to reasons such as heavy pricing and attires that did not interest me when I stepped into their store. BUT! The new promotion looks cool and interesting, so you might want to drop by their stores to check them out.

I mean, Jackets that were selling for 99 were now dropped to 49..... are you crazy? If NewLook is crazy now, then we had better make full use of it, do you agree?

Before the promotion ends, that is.
*Picture captured from Newlook website @

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