Sunday, April 18, 2010

Uniformed dressers

There has been a recent ripples by the media on the manner in which Singaporean dresses up. I believe that it is a way of trying to get the current generation to dress up in a better manner, instead of constantly being commented as "laid-back, no fashion sense".

Curious, I went to look at some of the "styles" in which street-goers were spotted at. I love some of the styles, but not all gained my approval... what do you think?

Read the side-by-side article about the styles of the interviewees as well as the style that Singaporeans have... and some of these caught my attention.

Singapore style is... Non-existent
No, I don't think the style is non-existent. In fact we do have a style.
Singapore style is... Lacking in originality
Told you we have a style.. just that we lack in originality. I do feel well with this. I do.
Singapore style is... Commercialised – a standard uniform of leggings and a top
Ahh, this is a very very very accurate description of the style! But not necessarily leggings and top. That was directed at the ladies, obviously. I do find a lot of common items sold, even in blogshops, not to mention retail stores. Because of the way we are, it can't be helped, I think. But we can still improve ^______^ The most "uniformised" style that I find are the livejournal blogshop styles, no offense to livejournal blogshops. But the items sold there are items that I could simply take a look and know that it is from a livejournal blogshop. It had always confuse me why is this so, and till now, I have no answer.

But the thing is, since we do do online shopping from overseas, why are our styles still so uniformed? Perhaps it is time we learn and develop a true culture. Most important, it is essential to be daring. Try new styles, and if you don't like, you can always auction off your clothes (or pass them to your willing little sister, as my older sister used to do). It does not have to be at the pinnacle of the fashion world, but it must be something that you can agree with, and feel totally confident and beautiful in.

So, dear Singaporeans, dress up and do not forget to feel good (that applies to you guys too!)

*The above are my and my comment alone.... it does not represent the opinion of the Sewing PHOBIA team.

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