Friday, February 19, 2010

Pre-order 5 - Where we apologise

Pre-Order 5 is our 3rd pre-order. Are you guys disappointed that it was handled so badly? As compared to the other pre-orders, this pre-order seemed to be plagued with problems. Even as we made sure to order early to prevent orders from delivered too late, the delivery seems to be impossibly LATE!

First, we have to end the pre-order before we can order. Because of that, we had some last minute rushes, which is nothing new to us. We have to confirm this and that, esp when the order had some out of stock items while we were ordering. Because Sewing PHOBIA emphases of a joint shopping experience for our customers and us, we also had our orders in the pre-order, as usual. Therefore, when our own order is out of stocks, we experienced the same disappointment with the others. So, I have no idea how to comfort our dear customers who had items that went out of stocks.

Then, around a week after we had ordered, and when we thought that we were save from Chinese New Year, we were informed by our supplier that another of the stocks had run out. And this is D-I-S-A-P-P-O-I-N-T-I-N-G for us. I cannot describe how the team felt because of it. We were scrambling to handle it, and asking why? Why so sudden, and why when we thought that everything is ok.

Well, because of it, we and our customers did not get their clothes in time for CNY, and well, people kept asking when the clothes will arrive. For that, we apologise sincerely. We cannot apologise enough. I promise, everyone, we will improve.

From now on, we will implement a buffer of 1 month for prevention of CNY disappointment. We will not only implement that, but we will work to increase our efficiency. I hope that with each Pre-order/Spree, we will improve more and more.

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